The Need For Security And Access Control

Many companies and locations have access control for security purposes. Those who have gone to an apartment complex may have seen a security gate requiring HID proximity cards. HID codes can be printed and installed onto a card using a simple, inexpensive printer. This information inserted in the database will allow persons in and out of a restricted access area or building. Because HID codes are alterable, any person no longer having access to the area can be removed from the database. By easily being able to access and alter the information in the HID database, it’s the preferred choice for many companies.

HID cards are usually scanned over a radio frequency reader and once approved, allow access to the secured area. Many places use these security measures such as malls, buildings, apartment complexes, even movie theaters. With the increased use of these types of security with access control, companies can keep track of who comes in and out of the area. If one does not have approved access to the location, even with a HID card, access will be denied. Denying access to certain HID cards is an important security measure, especially if no human presence is there to counteract those using the card without rightful access to the premises.

Even though, HID cards are excellent to use for security, they are easily duplicated, which can cause a security risk. It’s always best for companies that choose to use HID cards to have human security present as well. The whole purpose of having access control to any area is to have a higher sense of security. Because the systems work so well, many who can afford it have implemented it at their homes. Gates in front of a home can require the scan of a HID card in order to gain access to the property. Once scanned the card approves entry; then the gates can open for the patron, and close behind them securely. Although it’s possible for others to run through the gate while it’s letting in a previous patron, this is also a preventable act with security on patrol.

Even though, there are many other ways to secure a home or building, it’s best to have controlled access that can be monitored by a HID card. With the right monitoring, full security precautions can be taken to secure those inside the building or property. In the past, radio frequency identification cards were used, but HID cards became more popular because they are printable, while RFID cards have chips, which make them more costly. HID cards have become the preferred method of entry when it comes to security access control. If a HID card is lost or stolen, it’s easier to replace by just printing another one, unlike with the RFID card.

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